Warm ups for both left and right hand are invaluable aids, as are the sensible tips on how to practice and the helpful suggestions for parents and teachers. We should be extremely grateful to this dedicated tutor who so generously shares her lifetime experience of teaching.

Her warmth, honesty, integrity and intelligence clearly come across in this remarkable film. It is a splendid resource for teachers and students alike, no matter what their status. 

'I think that (and you can quote me), every violin student and teacher should buy a copy.What value, at less than the cost of a lesson!' Mary Nemet-Elliot (AUSTA)

Faith Whiteley’s lifetime collection of exercises and lessons for violinists, from the first lessons to advanced performances, showing how to develop a sound technique

During a career spanning fifty years, Faith Whiteley has specialised in teaching the violin and viola to children, from beginners to very advanced performers. She has taught in every type of school in the English education system, in university departments and in specialist music schools, including the celebrated Yehudi Menuhin School.

In 1983 the Guildhall School of Music and Drama asked Faith to devise a foundation course for young string players from the age of four to eleven years old. She became Head of the Guildhall’s String Training Programme for seventeen years. For the first time in the UK, the programme used Kodaly’s Solfege and Dalcroze’ Eurythmics on an equal basis, to teach musicianship.

In 1997 she was invited by Professor Shi-xiang Zhang to teach young violinists and students in and around Shanghai.

Faith continues to teach in the Junior Department of the Guildhall and many of her past pupils have become professional musicians.

The exercises and lessons contain the distilled essence of a life time of teaching. They give beginners and advanced players alike the magic ingredient - Skilled Craftsmanship, essential to the transformation of the enthusiastic violinist or violist, into a fine musician.

I hope you enjoy using them.

This DVD is a resource of exercises, demonstrations and lessons for teachers and students. It can be used like an encyclopaedia, not as a continuous story; however if the colour schemes are followed through each level, it will be possible to see the development of ‘Bowing’ or ‘Left Hand Technique’ from Beginners, through Intermediate, to Advanced.


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